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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2107

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5.20.1 Required Steps for Theme Import

The code examples Example 5.10, “Job DSL description of theme import” and Example 5.11, “Jenkinsfile description of theme import” describe the following tasks required for the theme import:

  1. Check out the head of the configured branch of your SCM, here Git. If you use the Blueprint repository to develop themes, you have to accept the caveat, that each commit on the whole repository will trigger an import. If you cannot accept this, you can still switch to a manual trigger or cron based trigger or use the separate Frontend Developer workspace.

  2. Build the themes and the theme importer.

  3. Run the import-themes command line client against your running development system.

The code example also use some best practices and formatting compromises:

  • It is a good practice to checkout to a subdirectory instead of the workspace root. The reason for this configuration is to keep the Maven repository separated from the SCM directory and keep it between builds using clean checkouts.

  • By disabling concurrent builds, two theme importer runs will not interfere with each other.

  • To keep lines short, the paths to the command line client and the folder with the packaged themes are referenced using THEME_IMPORTER_DIR=${WORKSPACE}/apps/studio-server/modules/cmd-tools/theme-importer-application/target/theme-importer and THEMES_DIR=${WORKSPACE}/frontend/target/themes.

  • Some basic configurations like build and log retention as well as useful additional configurations like build log time stamping and coloring are kept out for conciseness reasons but you should always configure them.

  • To import themes you need to provide the IOR URL and the credentials to the command line client. If you do not want plain credentials in the Jenkins jobs, you can also use the credentials plugin and inject them into the build. Please refer to the corresponding documentation for either Job DSL or Jenkinsfile.

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