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2. Overview

When you have installed and configured CoreMedia CMS, the most important part is still missing; the content. You can create your own documents with the CoreMedia editors, but CoreMedia CMS also offers the possibility to automatically import external content.

The CoreMedia XML Importer clients serve to transfer content from external sources into CoreMedia CMS. They can handle any XML format, and even non XML legacy formats can be transformed into importable XML files. For each different XML format you want to import, a specialized importer instance is required to transform the relevant components of the source documents into corresponding fields of CoreMedia documents.

The importers are non-interactive and, according to their configuration, stop processing after a single import or run and import continuously at periodic intervals. To this end, the importer can be deployed in two different modes:

  • A command-line utility for single import

  • A web application to run continuously

Before you start an XML Importer, it must be configured, for example with the location of its input data.

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