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Content Server Manual / Version 2204

Table Of Contents Example Live System Setup

This is the example setup used for the error scenarios that follow:

  • CoreMedia Content Management Server (with CoreMedia Studio and CoreMedia CAE for preview)

  • CoreMedia Master Live Server (Server)

  • CoreMedia Replication Live Server 1 (Server)

  • CoreMedia Replication Live Server 2 (Server)

  • CoreMedia CAE 1-1

  • CoreMedia CAE1-2

  • CoreMedia CAE 2-1

  • CoreMedia CAE 2-2

  • Database Instance of Content Management Server

  • Database Instance of Master Live Server

  • Database Instance of Replication Live Server 1

  • Database Instance of Replication Live Server 2

You can install the production system with all its components on a single machine. As this chapter deals with failures on the Live system, it is not affected and it is only mentioned for the sake of completeness. The Master Live Server and the Replication Live Servers 1 and 2 are each installed on their own machines. If one machine breaks down, only the installation on that machine is affected. Each of the two Replication Live Servers processes the requests of two CAEs, which ideally should each be installed on their own machines. The CAE answers requests from a load balancing system, the latter is not covered here.

The database instances ought to have their own separate installations, distribution over several computers is even more secure. Security against breakdown of the database must be guaranteed by mechanisms of the database system or operating system.

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