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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2310

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5.7.3 Commerce Links for Studio Preview

Studio and the Preview-CAE do not know the SAP Hybris Commerce URL-Schema of shop pages. Therefore, the CoreMedia service StudioPreviewUrlService deployed in the SAP Hybris Commerce system generates the commerce URLs in order to preview commerce items as shop pages in CoreMedia Studio. The class CommerceLinkScheme wraps the corresponding @Link methods in the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace. It retrieves the commerce links via the PreviewUrlService from the Commerce Adapter.

The request flow is quite complicated. The example below represents the request flow to preview a Hybris product from within CoreMedia Studio:

  1. Studio generates this preview URL for the product with the given ID.

    &p13n_test=true&p13n_testcontext=0 > 302
  2. The Preview-CAE receives the preview URL, internally dispatches it to the CommerceLinkScheme and sends a redirect to the StudioPreviewUrlService deployed in the SAP Hybris Commerce System.

    &type=product&cmsTicketId={ticket-id} > 302
  3. The SAP Hybris Commerce System receives the request, generates a CMSPreviewTicket with the given parameters and redirects to the Hybris PreviewServlet.

    ?site=apparel-uk&cmsTicketId={ticket-id} > 302
  4. The SAP Hybris Commerce System receives the previewServlet request again and redirects to the resulting shop URL:

    Nightlife-T-Shirt-Women/p/104176?cmsTicketId={ticket-id}> 200

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