Commerce Hub API

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How to integrate third-party commerce systems

Commerce API

The CoreMedia Commerce Hub controls communication of CoreMedia apps with commerce systems by defining a vendor agnostic API covering the most common eCommerce features and providing a default client-server implementation of this API.

Communicating with the Commerce Client

All CoreMedia components (CAE, Studio, Headless Server) that need access to the commerce system include a generic Commerce Hub Client. The client implements the CoreMedia eCommerce API. Therefore, you have a single, manufacturer independent API on CoreMedia side, for access to the commerce system.

The commerce system specific part exists in a service with the commerce system specific connector. The connector uses the API of the commerce system (often REST) to get the commerce data. In contrast, the generic Commerce Hub client and the Commerce Adapters use gRPC for internal communication (see for details), although this is mostly hidden by the Java base API implementation. Custom Commerce Adapters normally only need to implement the Java base API and do not have to deal with gRPC.

CoreMedia offers connectors for several eCommerce systems. See the download page for a list of the connectors.

Detailed communication with the Commerce Client

Use Cases

With the Commerce API you can, for example, do the following tasks:

  • Adapt existing adapters to your needs
  • Write an adapter for your custom commerce systems


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