Feedback Hub API

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How to integrate third-party feedback and analytics solutions

Feedback Hub API

The Feedback Hub is the place where editors find additional information related to the currently opened content. It provides built in content validation (issues and warnings) and a comment function for editors.

Additional feedback types for keyword and text analysis can be integrated via the Feedback Hub API. Specific Feedback providers can be used to send data for analytics to third party systems. The result can be visualised in Studio using the component library of the Feedback Hub API.

CoreMedia offers various example integrations for the Feedback Hub, like Acrolinx which gives you feedback to your grammar, spelling and more or Imagga which offers automatic tagging for images.

FeedbackHub Keywords Feedback Hub in Studio with Imagga integration

Use Cases

  • Integrating third-party feedback provider into Studio
  • Visualize the feedback in Studio


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