Server-Side Personalization API

Last updated 2 months ago

How to integrate information sources on server-side


CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization enables enterprises to deliver the most appropriate content to users depending on the ‘context’ – the interaction between the user, the device, the environment and the content itself. Through a series of steps it can identify relevant content for individuals. It can draw on a user’s profile, commerce segment, preferences and even social network behavior. Use CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization to deliver highly relevant and personalized content to users, at any given moment in time.

The GUI is integrated into CoreMedia Studio for easy creation and testing of customer segments and selection rules (see the document model above).

The Headless Server returns the rules defined in personalized content. The rules have to be evaluated on client side.

Use Cases

You can use the API to develop your own:

  • Context sources in order to include information from other sources to personalize the content
  • Search functions to access other sources


In order to use Server-side Personalization you need a special licence. Contact your key-account manager or the CoreMedia Support.


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