Configuring Logging for Command Line Tools

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Learn how to configure logging for CoreMedia command line tools

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  • Configure the logging of CoreMedia command-line tools

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  • A CoreMedia workspace

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Reading time: 3 to 5 minutes

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This guide is for Developers, Administrators.
Table of Contents

By default, the logging configuration for each command-line tool is taken from the tools-logback.xml file in properties/corem directory. You can use a customized configuration file and add the file name to the system properties when initializing the application with:


You will find the default logging facilities of CoreMedia applications in the default logging configuration.

stdout/stderr Output

Enter the location for the stdout/stderr output of an application and any other third-party program in the corresponding JPIF start file of the application. To do so, configure the parameter OUTPUT_REDIRECT in the corresponding JPIF file of the application as it is described in this file.

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