Delivery API

Last updated 2 months ago

How to deliver content, using the Headless Server

Delivery API

The Delivery API is provided by the CoreMedia Headless Server, a component which allows access to CoreMedia content as JSON through a GraphQL endpoint. That means, it does not deliver, for example, complete HTML pages but only the content from the CMS as JSON data. This way, you as a customer, are free to use the frontend technology of your choice.

In addition, the Headless Server offers a Java API which you can use for extensions of the Headless Server.

HeadlessServer Concept Dia

Use Cases

The Delivery API supports most of the CoreMedia features such as:

  • Multi-Site/Language delivery
  • Responsive images
  • Rich text transformation
  • Image maps and shoppable videos
  • Navigation and page grid support

Studio contains a JSON preview client which displays the content as JSON.


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