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9.32 Multiple Previews Configuration

Starting with version 2007.1, CoreMedia supports multiple previews, using a content based configuration. The content based configuration style takes the requirements of a cloud style deployment into account, where a configuration file or environment variable based configuration requires a new deployment and/or a server restart. The content based configuration enables the Studio user to add or remove a preview at any time. While this approach is very convenient, there is one drawback. Using a replicated content repository on other installations, for example, in a stage/live deployment scenario, may become difficult, as some of the configuration values may not fit in a different scenario.

Multiple previews can be enabled and configured using one or more CMSettings content items in well known folders. If none of these content items exist or all contained previews are disabled, the standard single preview is used as the default preview, thus maintaining downward compatability.

The default location of a CMSettings content item to configure one or more global previews is this repository path:

All Content/Settings/Options/Settings/Multi Preview

Additionally, it is also possible to restrict one or more previews to a single site. In this case, another CMSettings content item is expected below a sites folder at the relative path

Options/Settings/Multi Preview

The names of the CMSettings content items are freely choosable. Among others, the aforementioned, well known pathes and the content type for the settings are configurable via at deployment level. For a complete list of all deployment level configuration options for the multi preview, please refer to the deployment manual.

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