Hiding Studio Form Components - CMCC 12

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In order to see only the most relevant options in the GUI, editors can configure Studio forms to show or hide tabs and properties.

LightbulbWhat you'll learn

  • Learn where to find the Configure Form menu item
  • Get to know the different options in the configuration dialog
  • Learn how to easily recognize customized content types
  • How to reset the changes

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  • A working Login to CoreMedia Studio

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4 minutes

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This guide is for Editors.


Hiding tabs and properties allows each contributor to focus on the important information for their job – which can help to increase the efficiency of everyday tasks.

The configuration is stored per content type and can be changed at any time.


Follow these easy steps to customize the form to your needs:

  1. Open a content item of the content type you want to customize. For example, you can choose the Homepage, if you want to configure Pages.

  2. Click on the menu item (1) that shows the content type’s icon and name. This will expand the menu.

  3. Select the option “Configure Form”.

configure form v12

This will open a dialog that is structured the same way as the various tabs and properties of the content item itself.

  • You can show/hide complete tabs, property groups, or individual properties.

  • The tab header’s blue badge quickly identifies tabs with hidden elements.

page form configs v12

De-select the checkbox for each property or tab you don’t want to display or select the box if you would like to have the property or tab re-appear. Click "Select All" to restore the configuration of the tab you are currently in. By default, all properties are shown.

Remember, you can execute these steps for all content types. Once a content type is configured, other content items of the same type adopt the same configuration automatically.

You can always reset the form to its default state by clicking the menu option "Reset Configuration”:

reset configuration v12

Additional Configuration Options

  • If a property is hidden, the form will show a message like this below the visible properties. If you like, you can hide this information by clicking the link “Do not show again”.

message visible properties v12
  • You can re-enable this extra hint in your preferences. Remember that this will re-enable all the hints you might have hidden.

reset disabled messages v12
This guide has multiple versions
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