Studio Fundamentals

How to get started with Studio GUI

This Guide explains how to create internal and external links. You will also learn how to edit links later on.
Whether you are a Newbie working with CoreMedia Studio, a prospective new client, or you simply want to refresh your knowledge: this guide explains the entire structure of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) including all buttons and icons.
If you're an editor, you need to get things done fast and not spend much time changing and setting your system each time before you can start
Uploading pictures and other files in CoreMedia Studio is easy and you only need to learn a few simple steps before you'll be able doing it blindfolded.
The CoreMedia Studio Library allows you to search and filter for specific content items
Learn how to use the Content Hub in Studio
Using Projects in Studio to manage tasks, review responsibilities, and stay on track with your internal deadlines
This Guide explains the User Manager App, and takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a new CoreMedia Studio user.
Whether you are a Newbie working with CoreMedia Studio, or have already created numerous articles: this guide is intended to provide you with all the basics around creating articles plus a few helpful hints.
This Guide explains how to set up a new page and guides you step-by-step trough the creation process.
In order to see only the most relevant options in the GUI, editors can configure Studio forms to show or hide tabs and properties.
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