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Learn how to use the Content Hub in Studio

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  • Accessing externally managed content
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  • A working Login to CoreMedia Studio

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The CoreMedia Content Hub allows business users to access content assets stored outside of CoreMedia. It depends on your individual configuration which Content Hubs are displayed. For instance, this could be a video on YouTube, a PDF in your OneDrive, or a picture managed by your favorite service provider for images.

Getting started

Accessing externally managed assets is as easy as using CoreMedia assets.

  1. Open the library and choose your content hub of choice.

  2. Browse the external asset repository. You can also use a full-text search to find the needed asset quickly.

library content hub

The Details panel offers information on the asset’s details provided by the Content Hub. A thumbnail preview is also available.

Once you have found the right asset, you can add the asset to the CoreMedia repository by clicking the icon Add.

Depending on the content, hub assets are either copied or referenced in CoreMedia. For example, a YouTube clip will be referenced.

video content hub

Have a look at the Studio User Manual for further information.

This guide has multiple versions
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