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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2107

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6.5.1 Optimizely

Optimizely is a service which offers A/B testing for your website. You can define different rules for A/B testing using the editor on the Optimizely website.

CoreMedia Blueprint integrates Optimizely to perform A/B testing for channels.

To enable this for a certain channel proceed as follows:

  1. Open the target channel in CoreMedia Studio.

  2. Open the Settings tab.

  3. Create a struct property of type Boolean in the "Local Settings" section with the name optimizely.enabled and set it to true.

  4. Create a struct property of type String in the "Local Settings" section with the name and enter the project id you got from Optimizely.

Now the JavaScript provided by Optimizely will be included in each site of this channel and you can measure your website improvements. The "Local Settings" will be inherited to sub channels. That means, the project id can be set, for example for the root channel once and you can disable Optimizely using optimizely.enabled for each sub channel individually.

Remember also, if you adjust target links on your website the target site must be available in the channel, too. Otherwise, the Optimizely script will not be included on the target site and clicks cannot be tracked.

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