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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2107

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6.1.16 Uploading Content to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool by Salesforce. CoreMedia Blueprint supports pushing CoreMedia content to the SFMC. To enable this feature you have to configure the following settings for SFMC.

  • sfmc-credentials-clientId: The client ID of the client credential

  • sfmc-credentials-customerId: The subdomain of the client

  • sfmc-credentials-clientSecret: The second part of the client credential. The passwords can be encrypted by using the tool cm encryptpasswords as described in Section, “Encryptpasswords in Content Server Manual.

  • sfmc-push-translations: Whether to push into SFMC the master language and all translations of the configured text properties, or only the master language. This property can be true or false

The settings can be configured globally in the application context of the Studio application or in the settings document under the path /Settings/Options/Settings/Marketing/Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The SFMC settings can be also configured site-specific in the site settings.

In addition, the uploadable content properties for a given content type have to be configured. This can be done globally in the same settings document as above. To that end add a struct sfmc-uploadableProperties to the settings property of the document. The credentials can be also configured site-specific in the site settings.

SFMC Uploadable Properties Setting

Figure 6.22. SFMC Uploadable Properties Setting

Currently, CoreMedia supports the string, richtext and blob image property. In the configuration example above the string property title and the richtext property detailText of the document type CMArticle and the image blob property data of the document type CMPicture are configured as uploadable content properties.

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