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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2107

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By default, Maven provides you with several packaging types. The most important ones are the pom, jar and the war type. They should be sufficient for the most common kinds of development modules but whenever you try to either support proprietary formats or try to break whole new ground, those three packaging types aren't sufficient. Using only the pom packaging type together with custom executions of arbitrary plugins, gives you flexibility but adding and maintaining your pom.xml files is going to be a complex and costly process.

To reduce complexity, but even more important to enforce standards, CoreMedia came up with two custom tailored packaging types for the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace. The coremedia-application and the jangaroo packaging type. The coremedia-application type provides a build lifecycle and dependency profile for a proprietary application format, whereas the jangaroo type provides both for the JavaScript tool chain to build sophisticated and compelling user interfaces like CoreMedia Studio.

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