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7.23.4 Synchronization-Specific Customizations

For the Synchronization Workflow, a custom merge strategy can be added to the Merge Strategy Chooser of the Start Synchronization Workflow Panel.

This customization requires a change for the studio-client and the workflow-server. The change for studio-client is described in this section, for customization of the workflow-server refer to Section, “ AutoMergeSyncAction in Blueprint Developer Manual .

To add a custom merge strategy, configure the AddMergeStrategyPlugin in the configuration section of a Studio plugin. The plugin requires the following parameters:

  • processDefinition: Process definition of the workflow, that is, "Synchronization"

  • mergeStrategy: Name of the bean of the custom merge strategy, for example "customMergeStrategy"

<collab:AddMergeStrategyPlugin processDefinition="Synchronization" mergeStrategy="customMergeStrategy"/>

Example 7.95. Usage of AddMergeStrategyPlugin

The name of the merge strategy in the MergeStrategyChooser, the help title and help text can be customized by adding properties to a resource bundle. The properties are suffixed with the merge strategy name:

  • MergeStrategyChooser_mergeStrategy_name_customMergeStrategy: Name displayed in Merge Strategy Chooser
  • MergeStrategyChooser_help_title_customMergeStrategy: Help Title
  • MergeStrategyChooser_help_text_customMergeStrategy: Help Text

The resource bundle is applied to the ControlRoom properties (com.coremedia.cms.editor.controlroom.ControlRoom) via CopyResourceBundleProperties.

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