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Deployment Manual / Version 2207

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2. Docker Setup

CoreMedia Content Cloud offers an application modularity that supports individual application lifecycles, including a modularized development, release and deployment process. Using Spring Boot standards and container technologies at its core, our goal is to enable our applications to become more cloud native and easier to integrate with available cloud technologies.

The docker setup provided with CoreMedia Content Cloud consists of:

  • A Maven build process to create the images

  • A Docker-Compose setup to start a development environment

To use CoreMedia Content Cloud in production with Docker images, you have one of the following choices:

  • Use the Docker images to start containers and benefit from the process abstraction containers provide.

  • Implement a Docker Swarm setup to benefit from the simplicity of a Swarm orchestration layer.

  • Implement a Kubernetes Deployment to benefit from the flexibility and power, Kubernetes provides to create a cloud native cluster deployment.

Obviously Kubernetes is the most promising technology, but the initial complexity and the steep learning curve in addition with the requirement to build and maintain the knowledge of this technology may not fit each ones requirements.

To help you with this choice, this chapter will provide you with an overview of the build process of our Docker images, the conventions and configuration options the Docker images provide and how to use them for a production deployment using the containers as a simple process abstraction.

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