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Deployment Manual / Version 2207

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3.3.5 Headless Server Cache Control Properties

Type java.util.Map<java.lang.String,org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.web.WebProperties$Resources$Cache$Cachecontrol>

Map of cache control configuration objects for HTTP Cache-Control header. The configuration is URL pattern specific. Patterns are matched using


. For every URL the content validity dates are taken into account to compute the max-age value. A negative configured max-age value disables cache control for the URL pattern. A configured positive max-age value is taken as maximum value for the URL pattern. Thus, if X is configured and Y is computed, then min(X,Y) is returned as max-age.

Note that max-age values must not be higher than 31536000 (365 days in seconds).

Also note that, by consequence, a response including properties of a content that is valid for more than a year according to its content settings, and for whose URL pattern no max-age value is defined, will include a max-age value of a year.

Type java.lang.Double
Default 0

This value is used to compute a s-maxage header in relation to a recognized max-age value. If the value is 0.0 then the s-maxage value is not automatically adjusted. In particular this means the s-maxage value isn't written in the Cache-Control header unless it was otherwise configured, for example with:


But please note, a value other than 0.0 takes precedence over a static configured value. Then s-maxage takes the value of max-age * sMaxAgeFactor.

Type java.lang.Boolean
Default true

Set if everything after a ";" (semicolon) should be cut from the request URI for path matching. E.g. to see all matrix parameters of fragment urls this should be set to "false". Default is "true".

Type java.lang.Boolean
Default true

Set if the request URI should be decoded for path matching. Default is "true".

Type java.lang.Boolean
Default false

Set if the full path within the current web application context is used for path matching. By default, this is set to "false" which means that the servlet path is cut off.

Table 3.18. Headless Server Cache Control Properties

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