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Deployment Manual / Version 2207

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2.1.3 The java-application-base Image

One of the major inventions Docker brought to software development is the ability to package applications as layers of filesystems, that when stacked upon each other result in the final application image. This technique allows docker to reuse and share common parts between multiple images at build and startup time and reduces the disk and network footprint drastically.

In the CoreMedia Docker setup, this technique is used by providing a common base image on the public DockerHub repository. The java-application-base image is the common base image for all our Spring-Boot application based images. It encapsulates our best practice to configure, start and manage CoreMedia applications in most secure way. It is provided in different flavors for different JDK base images on DockerHub and it is possible to fork the source repository on GitHub, to build a customized image.

To summarize the capabilities of the image, it provides:

  • A JVM to run our applications

  • A startup script chain to integrate arbitrary initialization steps before starting the Spring-Boot application

  • A set of convenient script chain steps to let applications delay their startup until service dependencies are available

  • A monitoring integration for Prometheus

For a detailed description of the base image, please visit the java-application-base DockerHub page.

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