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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2307

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Application Beans in Plugins

Each plugin has its own Spring application context. However, in order to implement your feature, you might need some services from the application, for example the CapConnection.

The applications of CoreMedia Content Cloud expose dedicated sets of beans for usage in plugins, which are provided as Spring configuration classes that you can import in your plugin's configuration class. These configuration classes are annotated with com.coremedia.cms.common.plugins.plugin_base.BeansForPlugins.

Other plugins can also provide such configuration classes. To access them, you have to add these plugins as dependencies.



Be aware to not use scope provided for dependencies on the jars containing the BeansForPlugins configuration classes, as these are not loaded by the application.

Beans for Plugins Reference

The following BeansForPlugins are currently available:

The API documentation of the BeansForPlugins classes shows the actual beans they provide.

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