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3.3 Integrating a Custom Commerce Adapter

In order to use the custom adapter service with the CoreMedia system. A minimum set of configuration and setup is needed.

Configuring the adapter service Endpoint

To enable the generic client to connect to a custom adapter service an endpoint for that service has to be added on the client side. This is done as described on gRPC Spring Boot Starter Client Configuration . Use the prefix grpc.client.GLOBAL for properties that apply to all services. The specific configurations are done using the prefix grpc.client.<endpointName> where endpointName is an ops-friendly string of your choice, such as fooService. It is sufficient to configure fooService as the endpointName property inside the site's commerce settings struct if grpc.client.fooService.address is configured. If the address is not configured on the Spring level, the endpoint value is taken as address to connect to.

Please refer to the Javadoc of the methods com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.client.settings.CommerceSettings#getEndpoint() and com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.client.settings.CommerceSettings#getEndpointName()

The Vendor Name

To integrate an adapter service with the CoreMedia system, a vendor name for the commerce system has to be configured via metadata.vendor in the adapter service. This name is used as a prefix for all commerce IDs by the coreMedia system and should therefore never be changed.

The Commerce Settings

The CoreMedia Commerce Hub generic client expects a commerce system to have at least one catalog and a root category. If this is the case, no further configuration is needed to set up the commerce connection. If the commerce system provides multiple catalogs or stores, both may be configured via the site's commerce settings content item.



The commerce connection is an instance of the GenericCommerceConnection managed by the generic client. It is valid only if the generic client is able to create an instance of the GenericStoreContext while communicating with the custom adapter service.

After the commerce connection for the adapter service is set up correctly, the catalog along with its categories and products can be displayed in the CoreMedia Studio library.



If the CAE is used for augmenting the commerce storefront the LinkRepository needs to be implemented.

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