Custom Commerce Adapter Developer Manual / Version 2310

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2.1 Commerce Hub Architecture

Commerce Hub is the name for the CoreMedia concept which allows integrating different eCommerce systems against a stable API.

Figure 2.1, “ Architectural overview of the Commerce Hub ” gives a rough overview of the architecture.

Architectural overview of the Commerce Hub

Figure 2.1.  Architectural overview of the Commerce Hub

All CoreMedia components (CAE, Studio) that need access to the commerce system include a generic Commerce Hub Client. The client implements the CoreMedia eCommerce API. Therefore, you have a single, manufacturer independent API on CoreMedia side, for access to the commerce system.

The commerce system specific part exists in a service with the commerce system specific connector. The connector uses the API of the commerce system (often REST) to get the commerce data. In contrast, the generic Commerce Hub client and the Commerce Connector use gRPC for communication (see for details.

More detailed architecture view

Figure 2.2.  More detailed architecture view

Figure 2.2, “ More detailed architecture view ” shows the architecture in more detail. At the Commerce Hub Client, you only have to configure the URL of the service and some other options, while at the Commerce System Client, you have to configure the commerce system endpoints, cache sizes and some more features.

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