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3.1 Developing a Custom Commerce Adapter

An adapter service is the link between the generic CoreMedia eCommerce client and the specific commerce system. The following chapter shows how to get started, implementing a custom adapter service.

As described in Section 2.2, “Commerce Hub API”, the CoreMedia eCommerce API is defined in the base adapter. It offers a rich set of commerce features which can be used by implementing the corresponding repository interfaces. In order to implement the API, the com.coremedia.commerce.adapter:adapter-base and com.coremedia.commerce.adapter:adapter-api dependencies have to be added to your project.

The adapter-base dependency includes the repository interfaces for all available features. They can be found in the com.coremedia.commerce.adapter.base.repositories package.

The adapter-api dependency includes the most common eCommerce entities like catalogs, categories and products. They can be found in the com.coremedia.commerce.adapter.api.entities package.

The minimum feature set

As mentioned before, the CoreMedia eCommerce API offers a superset of commerce features which are all implemented on the client side. The adapter service (server side), should of course only implement the repositories for the needed features. The client requires access to catalogs and categories for building the commerce connection. Also, products are considered a mandatory feature.

The following features are required for establishing a commerce connection:

  • Catalogs: Implement CatalogRepository

  • Categories: Implement CategoryRepository

  • Products: Implement ProductRepository

Custom searches for arbitrary commerce entities can be implemented via com.coremedia.commerce.adapter.base.repositories.ProductSearchSupport#search by implementing ProductRepository on the adapter side.



Base adapter releases up to 1.5 also require a PriceRepository implementation

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