Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2310

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4.3 Check if everything is working


  • The CoreMedia Content Cloud infrastructure has been deployed and is running.
  • The CoreMedia Cartridge for Salesforce has been applied to the Salesforce Commerce sandbox and the Salesforce Commerce sandbox is running.
  • The Salesforce Commerce sandbox is accessible from CoreMedia Studio and the Commerce Adapter servers.
  • The CoreMedia Preview CAE and Live CAE are accessible from the Salesforce Commerce sandbox.

Check the Studio - Salesforce Commerce REST Connection
  1. Open Studio, select the "SFRA - English (United Kingdom)" site, open the Library. If necessary, switch the Library to browse Mode.
  2. In the repository tree view, locate a node named SFRA Global Shop. This is the entry point to browse the connected Salesforce product catalog.
  3. Browse the catalog in studio and check if everything works as expected. Section 6.1, “Catalog View in CoreMedia Studio Library” describes what it looks like.

If errors occur:

Check Studio - Salesforce Commerce Preview Integration
  1. Open the Homepage of the "SFRA - English (United Kingdom)" site in Studio

    The Salesforce shop page should be displayed in the preview panel.

  2. Repeat step 1 for Products and Categories.

If errors occur:

  • Check the Studio log, the Preview CAE log and the Commerce Adapter log for errors.
  • Check if is configured correctly for Commerce Adapter.
  • Check if your customer specific Open Commerce API client ID is set in the sfcc.oauth.client-id and sfcc.oauth.client-password properties in Commerce Adapter.
  • Check if, CM-RedirectUrl controller is accessible. Call https://sandboxhost/on/,preview,true. The call should be redirected to the SFRA homepage.
Check Fragment Connector
  1. Open the SFRA - English (United Kingdom) homepage and check if CoreMedia Demo content is displayed.

If errors occurred or no CoreMedia Content is displayed

  • Check for errors in the Salesforce Commerce log and the Preview CAE log and the Commerce Adapter log.
  • Check in Salesforce Commerce Business Manager and the Developer Tools if the homepage has content slots containing CoreMedia Content Widgets or if render templates contain an islcinclude tag.

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