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4.2 Shop Configuration in Content Settings

The store specific properties that logically define a shop instance are part of the content settings. They configure the Commerce Adapter endpoint, which storeId should be used, which catalog, the currency and other shop related settings.

Refer to the Javadoc of the class com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.client.settings.CommerceSettings for further details.

Each site can have one single shop configuration (see the Blueprint site concept to learn what a site is). That means only shop items from exactly that shop instance (with a particular view to the product catalog) can be interwoven to the content elements of that site. In the example settings there is a LiveContext settings content item linked with the root channel. This is the perfect place to make these settings.

The following store specific settings must be configured below the struct property named commerce:

Name Type Description Example Required
endpoint String Property Host and Port of the Commerce Adapter. sfcc-commerce-adapter:6565 true (if endpointName is not set)
endpointName String Property The endpoint name to lookup the Spring gRPC service configuration . sfcc true (if endpoint is not set)
locale String Property The ISO locale code for the connected Catalog. This overwrites the Site locale. It is only needed if the CoreMedia Site locale differs from the Shop locale and if you need the exact Shop locale to access the catalog. en-US false
currency String Property The displayed currency for all product prices. GBP false. If not set, the currency will be retrieved from the site locale.
storeConfig Struct Property Struct property containing store configuration true String Property The ID of the store. SiteGenesisGlobal true String Property The name of the store as it is set in the commerce system. SiteGenesis Global Shop true
catalogConfig Struct Property Struct property containing catalog configuration. true String Property The ID of the catalog. storefront-catalog-non-en true String Property The name of the catalog. storefront-catalog-non-en true
catalogConfig.alias String Property The alias of the catalog. catalog false. If not set, 'catalog' will be used as default alias.
customEntityParams Struct Property Site specific custom entity parameters, which are attached to the communication with the commerce adapter. See Section 4.4, “Configuring Custom Entity Parameters” for more information. false. If not set, no site specific custom entities will be used.

Table 4.1. Livecontext settings



Be aware, that the locale is also part of each shop context. It is defined by the locale of the site. That means all localized product texts and descriptions have the same language as the site in which they are included and one specific currency.

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