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4.1 Configuring the Commerce Adapter

Configuring the Commerce Adapter

The physical connection to the Salesforce Commerce system is configured in the Commerce Adapter. The Commerce Adapter itself communicates via REST API calls with the Salesforce Commerce system.

The Commerce Adapter comes along with a set of configuration properties. For detailed documentation and defaults see Chapter 9, Commerce Adapter Properties.

Starting the Commerce Adapter

This guide describes how to build and run the commerce-adapter-sfcc Docker container.

Prerequisites to be installed:

  • Maven

  • Docker

  • Docker Compose (optional)

CoreMedia provides a Docker setup for the CoreMedia Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector. It is part of a dedicated CoreMedia Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Contributions Repository.

After cloning the workspace, a coremedia/commerce-adapter-sfcc Docker image can be build via mvn clean install command.

To run the commerce-adapter-sfcc Docker container, the configuration properties for the adapter must be set (see above). Spring Boot offers several ways to set the configuration properties, see Spring Boot Reference Guide - 24. Externalized Configuration. When starting the Docker container, this will probably lead to setting either environment variables (using the Docker option --env or --env-file) or mounting a configuration file (using the Docker option --volume).

The Docker container can be started with the command

docker run \
  --detach \
  --rm \
  --name commerce-adapter-sfcc \
  --publish 44165:6565 \
  --publish 44181:8081 \
  [--env ...|--env-file ...|--volume] \

To run the commerce-adapter-sfcc Docker container with the CoreMedia CMCC Docker environment, add the commerce-adapter-sfcc.yml compose file that is provided with the CoreMedia Blueprint Workspace to the COMPOSE_FILE variable in the Docker Compose .env file. Ensure that the environment variables that are passed to the Docker container are also defined in the .env file:


The commerce-adapter-sfcc container is started with the CoreMedia CMCC Docker environment when running

docker compose up --detach

Detailed information about how to set up the CoreMedia CMCC Docker environment can be found in Chapter 2, Docker Setup in Deployment Manual.

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