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Site Manager Developer Manual / Version 2210

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1. Preface

The CoreMedia CMS is the future-proof standard software solution for production, administration and distribution of multimedia content for digital services.



CoreMedia SiteManager has been deprecated for editorial use. New editorial feature will not be made available in SiteManager. Customers are advised to migrate all editorial processes to CoreMedia Studio.

CoreMedia is planning to remove SiteManager from the product portfolio with the next major release.

Content applications such as high-volume web sites and device-independent multi-channel services are implemented cost-effectively in minimal time using CoreMedia CMS.

This Site Manager Developer Manual is written for developers and administrators - people who set up and tune, who integrate and implement CoreMedia CMS. It describes how to make all the features of the Site Manager work well and create a unique workplace fitting the customers demands.

Out-of-the-box functions for complete editing processes in the easily used Site Manager, rapid prototyping features, an acclaimed architecture and a matching, proven process for content application projects guarantee excellent results and high, sustained customer satisfaction.

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Table Of Contents

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