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3.1 Assembling Tracking Information

CoreMedia Analytics Connectors provides a ViewHookEventListener and an AnalyticsProvider implementation for each integrated third-party service provider. The ViewHookEventListener reacts on a ViewHookEvent of type head for content of type Page. If sufficient configuration is available, it renders the corresponding provider's JavasSript into the head section of the Page. The provider specific AnalyticsProvider implementation provides access to the basic configuration that is necessary to establish a tracking connection to that particular service. Most importantly, the AnalyticsProvider implementation can check if any required properties are missing and suppresses rendering of any output for that service if it is not properly configured.

Note that the integration of analytics extensions is controlled by the CoreMedia Extension Tool. Per default, all analytics extensions are active but can be turned off by using this tool (see Section 4.1.5, “Project Extensions” in Blueprint Developer Manual ).

See the Javadoc for more details on which properties the analytics listeners and interceptors provide for tracking and Section 3.4, “Studio Integration” for details on how to configure them.

Consult the Content Application Developer Manual for information on how to register interceptors and ViewHookEventListeners.

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