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3.4.1 Google Analytics

The integration of Google Analytics not only allows you to configure tracking but also to configure the preview toolbar button to open a Google Analytics report drilled down to the active content object. Both aspects are covered by the options presented in the following table.

Technical Variable Name Description/Value Required
webPropertyId The Google Analytics web property ID to track to. The Web Property ID has the format UA-12345678-1 true
domainName The domain name to be sent to Google Analytics, if you are running a multi-site environment. false
disableAdvertisingFeaturesPlugin Disables the Advertising Features Plugin. If you do not need Google Analytics' advertising features, the plugin should be disabled. The plugin might create additional cookies if it is not disabled. See for more information. false
pageReport The name of the report to create the drill down URL for. Defaults to content-pages false
accountId Your numeric Google Analytics account ID to create the drill down URL for. See the tip below. false
wpid Your numeric Google Analytics web property ID to create the drill down URL for. See the paragraph below. false
pid Your numeric Google Analytics profile ID to create the drill down URL for. See the paragraph below. false

Table 3.1. Google Analytics Tracking Configuration Options



Given a Google Analytics drill down URL, you may notice the URL a hash parameter fragment of the form /aXXXXXXXXwYYYYYYYYpZZZZZZZZ/. In this case, XXXXXXXX is your 8 digit account ID, YYYYYYYY is your 8 digit web property ID and ZZZZZZZZ is your 8 digit profile ID. Each of these values is required to build a valid report drill down URL.



If the CoreMedia Elastic Social Extension is enabled and social tracking is configured, webPropertyId must be set to the same value as socialTrackingId in the Elastic Social configuration.

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