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2. Overview

CoreMedia Analytics Connectors demonstrates how to integrate third-party analytics services into CoreMedia CMS. The following third-party analytics services are integrated:

  • Google Analytics

The integration extends the delivery side (CAE) with tracking of page impressions. To take advantage of tracked data, this contribution extends the document types to support "top-n-lists" based on tracking data. A "top-n-list" document aggregates a list of "n" top-performing documents - regarding page impressions -, where "n" is the number of resulting documents to be displayed. CoreMedia Studio is extended with document forms to set up top-n-lists and to configure the external analytics services.

If your project is based on CoreMedia Blueprint, you will be able to use the integration out of the box. Otherwise, it serves as an example of how to integrate external analytics services into your CoreMedia project.

CoreMedia Analytics Connectors combines the following major components:

  • CoreMedia Content Server content types to define "top-n-lists"

  • CAE content beans and service beans to render "top-n-lists"

    Services include retrieval of analytics data, generation of "top-n-lists" and access to analytics related settings.

  • Solr external file field exporters

  • a plugin for CoreMedia Studio

    The plugin allows editors to edit "top-n-list" documents and to configure the analytics service specific parameters to enable tracking and retrieval of tracked data.

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