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1.2 Typographic Conventions

CoreMedia uses different fonts and types in order to label different elements. The following table lists typographic conventions for this documentation:

ElementTypographic formatExample

Source code

Command line entries

Parameter and values

Monospaced Fontcm contentserver start
Menu names and entriesBold, linked with |

Open the menu entry


Field names

CoreMedia Components


Enter in the field Heading

The CoreMedia Component

EntriesIn quotation marksEnter "On"
(Simultaneously) pressed keysBracketed in "<>", linked with "+"Press the keys <Ctrl>+<A>
EmphasisItalicIt is not saved
ButtonsBold, with square bracketsClick on the [OK] button
Code lines in code examples which continue in the next line\

cm contentserver \


Table 1.1. Typographic conventions

In addition, these symbols can mark single paragraphs:

Tip: This denotes best practices or recommendations.
Warning: Please pay special attention to the text.
Danger: The violation of these rules causes severe damage.

Table 1.2. Pictographs

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