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As explained in the previous section, CAE ViewHookEventListeners are used to make data to be tracked (and the tracking configuration itself) accessible when rendering a view. This data is used in views to build the tracking calls. CAE ViewHookEventListeners react on rendering of com.coremedia.blueprint.common.contentbeans.Page beans to add code into the head of a page. The analytics integration uses the head view that serves the following purposes:

  • Includes third-party tracking libraries

  • Sets up vendor-specific JavaScript data structures required for tracking

  • Includes the asynchronous calls to the JavaScript tracking code

GoogleAnalytics.head.ftl includes JavaScript libraries specific for an external service and converts the tracking data into JavaScript objects used by the final tracking calls. The FTL checks if the service provider that it implements is enabled for the current page, that is, if it is properly configured and not explicitly disabled.

Page view tracking calls use the property "enabled " to check whether the third-party service is enabled. Setting this property explicitly to "false", disables the service provider, while setting it to "true" will only enable further processing of the provider's configuration (which might ultimately enable that service if the configuration is complete).

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