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3.2.3 Adding Locales to CoreMedia Studio

For consistent language tags within CoreMedia Content Cloud, Studio configures locales available to editors in a content item typically located at /Settings/​Options/​Settings/​LocaleSettings.

As a site manager or administrator it is your task to define those locales in this content item which may be chosen by your editors and especially when deriving new sites.

To define such a locale, you have to select a valid IETF BCP 47 language tag (see for details). In general this is a language subtag such as en, fr or de along with a country subtag such as US, GB or CH separated by a dash. Some examples are:

  • en‑USEnglish (United States)

  • en‑GBEnglish (United Kingdom)

  • fr‑FRFrench (France)

  • fr‑CHFrench (Switzerland)

  • de‑DEGerman (Germany)

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