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3.1.4 Recommended Sites Hierarchy

CoreMedia recommends the Language First Hierarchy for several reasons:

  • Given Optimizations

    CoreMedia Content Cloud is designed supporting especially the Language First Hierarchy. Also, in the future CoreMedia will further improve the editorial experience to overcome the shortcomings compared to the Country First approach.

  • Less Translation Costs

    In Figure 3.1, “Sites: Language First” and Figure 3.2, “Sites: Country First”, a translation to French was only required once for the Language First Hierarchy, but twice for the Country First Hierarchy.

    This is based on the fact of the strong hierarchical organisation of sites within CoreMedia Multi-Site. Thus, for the Country First Hierarchy, you cannot transfer content from French (France) to French (Switzerland) guided by automated processes. Any manual intervention can easily break the internal state.

  • Easily Extensible

    If you want to reduce your time-to-market for your first site in China, you may want to set up a synchronized site having locale English (China). Later on, you can derive additional translated sites for example for locales Chinese (Simplified, China) and Cantonese (Simplified, China).


Changing Site Hierarchies is Expensive and Error-Prone

As stated early in this section, changing site hierarchies within a production system is expensive and error-prone. It requires a lot of manual intervention and most likely stopping any editorial actions until the migration is done.

Here is a glimpse of what needs to be done, by far not a complete list:

  • Finish Any Site-Specific Workflows: When transforming your hierarchy, all translation and synchronization workflows must be finished.

  • Stop Editorial Work: Editorial actions must be stopped. This includes manual as well as automatic editorial processes. All content must be checked in.

  • Ensure All Content is Up-To-Date: There must be no more content that requires an update in regards to synchronization or translation.

After these preconditions are fulfilled, you will have to adjust all master-references (link and version number) starting from root to leaf sites, possibly adjust the type (translation or synchronization) of your site. And when you are done, you need to republish your sites.

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