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3.2 Designing Locales

This section guides you through details in designing custom locales apart from the available locales as provided by your JDK.

Each site in CoreMedia Multi-Site requires a locale to be chosen. And within each hierarchy of sites, the chosen locale must be unique for one site within this hierarchy.

For special use cases such as Section “Abstract Sites” it is possible and even recommended to create custom locales. The following sections will guide you through the process of designing such locales.

Designing you custom locale comprises the following three steps:

  1. Defining a valid and unique language tag as described in Section 3.2.1, “Defining Valid Language Tags”.

  2. Add the language tag to Java as described in Section 3.2.2, “Adding Java Locales”.

  3. Adding the new language tag to Studio as described in Section 3.2.3, “Adding Locales to CoreMedia Studio”.

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