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4.3 Deriving a Site

When a new locale (language, region, or country) should be introduced, all content items and folders of an existing site are copied to a new site folder by the Derive a new localized site feature in CoreMedia Studio. Like in localization workflows, this process may fail or produce unexpected results, if contents in the master site show errors or get changed whilst deriving the new site. Contents in error may also impair localization workflows targeting your new derived site, later on. This section guides you in preparing your site derivation so that it will succeed.


Short Recommended Checklist

This summarizes the details as given below:

  • Ensure you have enough privileges creating the new site.

  • Fix content issues in master site to derive from, especially those related to localization.

  • Ensure, that all contents in master site are checked in.

  • Stop any editorial work (manual or automatic) on master site.

These are the things to check before you try to derive a site. For clarification, master site here refers to the site you derive from, not (necessarily) the root master site of your brand presence.

  • You have read rights on all contents in the master site. Check with your administrator when in doubt.

  • You have edit rights on all contents in the to-be-derived site. The newly derived site's folder will be a sibling of the master site, using the country and language name. Example: if you derive a site for Spanish (Argentina) on your brand presence CoolBrand, a new folder /Sites/CoolBrand/Argentina/Spanish will be created (depending on settings in your site model). Your CoreMedia Studio user must have edit rights for contents in this folder. Check with your administrator when in doubt.

  • Ideally, all editorial work on the master site is stopped for the time of content check and actual site derivation. If possible, define an official "maintenance window" for this task. Instruct editors to finish all workflows, to check in all contents, and to make sure that no problematic links are set prior to the beginning of the maintenance window (see following paragraphs for details).

  • All workflows targeting the master site should be finished. Example: you want to derive a new site from Spanish (Spain). All workflows with target site Spanish (Spain) should thus be finished before you try to derive your new site.

  • Likewise, no automated content imports should happen during the derivation. Stop all corresponding processes and inform external partners not to modify contents of your master site.

  • All contents in the master site should be checked in. Contents must at least have been checked in once. The easiest way to ensure this is to check them all in. Use the CoreMedia Studio library search with appropriate filters to see all checked-out content items in your master site (search filter Status / In Production / Checked out by...).

  • No contents in the master site show errors related to Multi-Site. Use CoreMedia Studio library search with appropriate filters to see all contents with errors (search filter Issues / Category: Localization). It may take some time for issues to appear in the search, so wait a few minutes after editorial work has been stopped. Check and fix all errors you see, especially

    • links to deleted content items,

    • cross-site links, and

    • wrong locale settings.

    You should in addition use the cm tool validate-multisite, as described in Section, “Validate Multi-Site” in Content Server Manual to check for broken contents in the master site.

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