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4.5 General Multi-Site Fixes

Most issues with CoreMedia Multi-Site can be fixed by adjusting the localization properties after unexpected actions such as copy and paste of contents between sites. These are the expected states of the properties you should know:


This is expected to have the same locale as the site the content is in.


This is expected to be either empty, if it is a content independent of the master site, or it should link to its variant in the master site, so that it receives updates from the master site.

Master Version:

This is expected to contain any valid version number of the master. A negative value indicates that the content has been derived from this (positive) master version but has still to be translated. If the master link is empty, this version should be empty, too.

In rare cases, the field can contain the value 0 (zero). This is not a real version. It indicates that something went wrong. See Invalid Master Version in Table 4.1, “List of Multi-Site Challenges” for details.

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