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3.3 Building and Running the Commerce Adapter

You can run the Commerce Adapter in a Docker container provided by CoreMedia.

In order to build and run the container, you need the following tools:

  • Maven

  • Docker

  • Docker Compose (optional)

Proceed as follows:

  1. Clone the workspace from It contains a Docker setup for the commercetools Connector.

  2. Build the workspace with mvn clean install to create a coremedia/commerce-adapter-commercetools Docker image

  3. When you run the Docker container, you have to provide the required configuration properties for the adapter ( see Section 3.1, “Configuring the Commerce Adapter”). The most common options would be either setting environment variables (using the Docker option --env or --env-file) or mounting a configuration file (using the Docker option --volume).

    Start the Docker container with the following command:

    docker run \
      --detach \
      --rm \
      --name commerce-adapter-commercetools \
      --publish 44165:6565 \
      --publish 44181:8081 \
      [--env ...|--env-file ...|--volume] \
Integrating the adapter container into Blueprint Docker environment

To run the commerce-adapter-commercetools Docker container with the CoreMedia Content Cloud Docker environment, add the commerce-adapter-commercetools.yml compose file, which is provided with the CoreMedia Blueprint Workspace, to the COMPOSE_FILE variable in the Docker Compose .env file. Ensure that the environment variables that are passed to the Docker container are also defined in the .env file:


The commerce-adapter-commercetools container is started with the CoreMedia Content Cloud Docker environment when running

docker compose up --detach

Detailed information about how to set up the CoreMedia Content Cloud Docker environment can be found in Chapter 2, Docker Setup in Deployment Manual.

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