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1.2 Typographic Conventions

CoreMedia uses different fonts and types in order to label different elements. The following table lists typographic conventions for this documentation:

Element Typographic format Example

Source code

Command line entries

Parameter and values

Class and method names

Packages and modules

Courier new cm systeminfo start
Menu names and entries Bold, linked with |

Open the menu entry


Field names

CoreMedia Components



Enter in the field Heading

The CoreMedia Component

Use Chef

Entries In quotation marks Enter "On"
(Simultaneously) pressed keys Bracketed in "<>", linked with "+" Press the keys <Ctrl>+<A>
Emphasis Italic

It is not saved

Buttons Bold, with square brackets

Click on the [OK] button

Code lines in code examples which continue in the next line \

cm systeminfo \

-u user

Table 1.1. Typographic conventions

In addition, these symbols can mark single paragraphs:

Pictograph Description
Tip: This denotes a best practice or a recommendation.
Warning: Please pay special attention to the text.
Danger: The violation of these rules causes severe damage.

Table 1.2. Pictographs

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