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4.2.4 Finding CMS Content for Product Detail Pages

Product detail pages give you detailed information concerning a specific product. That includes price, technical details and many more. You can enhance these pages with content from the CoreMedia system similar to the category overview page.

For product detail pages, the page can be directly augmented with an Augmented Product content type. If this is not the case, Content Cloud uses the same lookup as described for the category overview page. The only slight difference that the site root Augmented Page content item is not considered as a default for the product detail page.

The content to augment is taken from a separate page grid of the Augmented Category, called Product Content or from the Content tab of the Augmented Product.

Page grid for PDPs in augmented category

Figure 4.9. Page grid for PDPs in augmented category

Adding CMS Assets to Product Detail Pages

To find assets for product detail pages, Content Cloud searches for the picture content items which are assigned to the given product. These items are then sorted in alphabetical order. See Section 6.6, “Advanced Asset Management” in Blueprint Developer Manual for details.

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