Connector for commercetools Manual / Version 2310

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3.1 Configuring the Commerce Adapter

The physical connection to the commercetools system is configured in the Commerce Adapter. The Commerce Adapter itself makes use of the JVM SDK, provided by commercetools.

The Commerce Adapter comes along with a set of configuration properties. Most of them have defaults and need no further customization.

For basic configuration set the following properties:

  • commercetools.api.project-key

  • commercetools.api.client-id

  • commercetools.api.client-secret

  • commercetools.api.auth-url

  • commercetools.api.api-url

Spring Boot offers several ways to set the configuration properties, see Spring Boot Reference Guide - 24. Externalized Configuration.

For more details and the full set of configuration properties see Chapter 7, Commerce Adapter Properties.

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