General Upgrading Tasks

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Learn the tasks you need to perform when upgrading your CoreMedia system.

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  • Learn the basic tasks for an update

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  • Knowledge about the CoreMedia system and Git

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This guide is for Developers, Administrators.

In general, there are two possible strategies for upgrading a workspace:

  • Install the new version of the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace and merge your customizations into the new version.

  • Merge the new version of the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace into your existing workspace and resolve conflicts using Git.

CoreMedia recommends and describes the second approach, as it is less error-prone and less time-consuming. The general way of upgrading your workspace via Git is described in the Upgrading with Git how-to.

You can only do a direct upgrade from one major version to the next. You can’t skip a major version.

The technical upgrade process consists of the following steps:

  1. Upgrade your old workspace to the version required for upgrading to the new major version. You will find this version in the Upgrade Guide, or you can use the approach described in Upgrading with Git. Follow the instructions in the release notes as usual for the update.

  2. Remove all components from your workspace, that are no longer supported in the new major version. This way, you will reduce the number of conflicts when you merge the new workspace. You will find the removed components in the Upgrade Guide of the new major version.

  3. Now, merge in the required branch of the new major version. This may result in merge conflicts and issues where the new major release introduced breaking changes. To resolve these issues, consult the Upgrade Guide and all applicable release notes carefully.

  4. Adapt your development environment and supported environments as described in the Upgrade Guide.

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