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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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6.4.1 Augmenting the Root Nodes

If the shop connection is properly configured, you will see an additional top level entry in the Studio library that is named after your store (for example, Hybris, Apparel ). Below this node you can open the Product Catalog with categories and products. The Product Catalog node also represents the root category of a catalog.

To have a common ancestor for all augmented catalog pages, the root node of the configured catalog must be augmented. You can augment the root category by clicking Augment Category in the context menu of the root category. An augmented category content opens up, where you can start to define the default elements of your catalog pages, like the page layouts for the Category Overview Pages (CLP) and Product Detail Pages (PDP) and first content elements. All sub categories, augmented or not, will inherit these settings. See Section 6.2.3, “Adding CMS Content to Your Shop” in Studio User Manual for more information.

Catalog structure in the catalog root content item

Figure 6.9. Catalog structure in the catalog root content item

Now, you can start augmenting sub categories of the catalog. All content and settings are inherited down in this hierarchy.

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