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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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6.4 Augmenting Commerce Content

In the commerce-led scenario you can augment pages from the Commerce System, such as products (Product Detail Pages), categories (Category Overview/Landing Pages) and other shop pages (like the Contact-Us Page linked from the Homepage Footer). The following sections describe the steps required in Studio.

Extending a shop page with CMS content comprises the following steps, which will be explained in the corresponding sections.

  1. In the CMS create a content item of type Augmented Category, Augmented Product or Augmented Page.

  2. Augment the root nodes of the catalogs as described in Section 6.4.1, “Augmenting the Root Nodes”.

  3. When you augment a category or product, the connection between the category/product and the Augmented Category/Augmented Product content is automatically created. For the Augmented Page you have to create this connection manually via an external page id property

  4. In the Augmented Category, Augmented Product or Augmented Page choose a page layout that corresponds to the shop page layout. It should contain all the placements that are referenced in the CoreMedia Content Widgets defined on the Commerce side.

  5. Drop the augmenting content into the right placements of the augmented content item. That is, into a placement whose name corresponds with the name defined in the CoreMedia Content Widget.

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