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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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3.4 Load Essential Data and Demo Data

The cmlivecontext extension comes with impex data to prepare the Hybris content catalog of Apparel Site UK to work together with the demo data of the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace. The impex data can be found in the Workspace for SAP Commerce Cloud below $HYBRIS_HOME\bin\custom\cmlivecontext\resources\cmlivecontext\import\contentCatalogs\apparel-ukContentCatalog\cms-content.impex



Before importing the data you should understand, what data is added and especially what changes will be done to existing pages. Feel free to edit the impex file or prepare the content manually via the Hybris administration cockpits.

Out of the box the impex import will apply the following changes:

  • Add a dedicated OAuth Client for the Commerce Adapter to receive cmsTickets via OAuth.

  • Add CoreMedia LiveContextContentComponent to ComponentTypeGroups narrow and wide

  • Add CoreMedia LiveContext Page Template to be used for CoreMedia Content Pages

  • Add Page CoreMedia CMContentPage

  • Modifying existing Pages to add the CoreMedia Content Widget to their Page Grids. The following pages are affected:

    • HomePage
    • ProductDetail Page
    • Product Grid Page (Category Landing Page)

To add essential data and CoreMedia Content Cloud demo data to your Hybris Content Catalog, open Hybris SAP Administration Cockpit and navigate to Platform > Update. The list should contain the extension "cmlivecontext". Check "cmlivecontext" and update the system.

To verify if the update was successful open the SAP Administration Cockpit. Select WCMS > Page in the left hand menu. You should find the CoreMedia-ContentPage, a page to display channels and articles managed in CoreMedia.

You should also find CoreMedia Content Widget in the page grid of the homepage. For further details how to work with the CoreMedia Content Widget see Section 5.2.1, “CoreMedia Content Widget”

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