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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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5.7 Link Building for Fragments

If you include CoreMedia fragments into shop pages, these fragments might also contain links to shop pages; a link to an Augmented Category, for example. In the commerce-led scenario all pages are rendered by the commerce system. The link generation is also done on the commerce system.

The eCommerce Blueprint contains @Link annotated methods to create links to the commerce system, for example to a Category Page. These links can be retrieved from the LinkService, which can be accessed via the CommerceConnection. The LinkService itself requests URL templates from the Commerce Adapter. Later these URL templates are post-processed by the LiveContextLinkTransformer. The result is a JSON snippet in HTML comments that is finally converted into a link on the commerce site (see Section 5.7.1, “How fragment links are build” for details). Since these links point to the commerce system there is no need for a matching @RequestMapping method. See also the Section 4.3, “The CAE Web Application” in Content Application Developer Manual for more information regarding link building.

The templates which finally generate the commerce URLs can be found in Hybris Project Workspace below path $HYBRIS_HOME/bin/custom/cmlivecontext/acceleratoraddon/web/webroot/WEB-INF/views/responsive/cms/templates.

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