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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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5.7.1 How fragment links are build

Each lc:include tag requests an HTML fragment via HTTP from the CAE. Every link within a fragment that is requested by the commerce system from the CAE is processed by the LiveContextLinkTransformer class. The transformer only applies for fragment requests and finally requests URL templates from the LinkRepository on the Commerce Adapter side. For fragment request the Commerce Adapter returns JSON strings to the CAE. Each of these JSON objects contains at least the values of the constants objectType and renderType and the ID of the content or commerce object.

Assume the HTML fragment contains a link to a CMArticle content item. Instead of rendering the regular link, for example


the corresponding Link generated by the LiveContextLinkResolver would look like:

a href="<!--CM {
    CM-->" ...

The CoreMedia Fragment Connector on the commerce side parses the JSON, identifies the object type and rendering type and applies a template to render a commerce link. For the given example, the template Content.url.jsp is used, applied by the pattern "<OBJECT_TYPE>.<RENDER_TYPE>.jsp".

The JSP file on the commerce side finally generates the resulting URL.

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