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Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud Manual / Version 2307

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6.3 Commerce related Preview Support Features

CoreMedia Studio supports a variety of commerce preview functions directly:

  • Time based preview (time travel)

    When a preview date is set in CoreMedia Studio, it sets the virtual render time to a time in the future. If the currently previewed page contains content from Hybris Commerce, it is desirable that also these content reflects the given preview time. That could be a certain validity period of a product or another display rule that influences the displayed catalog items.

    If such preview is requested from Hybris Commerce the preview date is also sent to Hybris Commerce as part of the cmsTicket parameter. The Hybris Commerce recognizes the transmitted preview date and renders the shop content accordingly.

  • Customer segment based preview

    The feature segment based preview supports the creation of personalized content. In this case, content is shown depending on the membership in specific customer segments. In addition to the existing rules, you can define rules that are based on the belonging to customer segments that are maintained by the commerce system.

    These commerce segments will be automatically integrated and appear in the chooser if you create a new rule in a personalized content. For a preview, editors can use test personas which are associated with specific customer segments.

    Figure 6.7, “Test Customer Persona with Commerce Customer Segments” shows an example where the test persona is female and has already been registered.

    Test Customer Persona with Commerce Customer Segments

    Figure 6.7. Test Customer Persona with Commerce Customer Segments

    Such preview settings apply as long as they are not reset by the editor.

    The test persona content can be created and edited in CoreMedia Studio. The customer segments available for selection will be automatically read from the commerce system. By default, all user segments available in the eCommerce system are displayed for selection. Under some circumstances it may be desirable to restrict the shown user segments, for instance for studio performance reasons or for better clarity for the editor. See Section 3.2.4, “Configuring The PersonaSelector in Personalization Hub Manual.

    Edit Commerce Segments in Test Customer Persona

    Figure 6.8. Edit Commerce Segments in Test Customer Persona

    The commerce segments that the current user belongs to are available during the rendering process within a CoreMedia CAE. Thus, content from the CoreMedia system can also be filtered based on the current commerce segments.

    In the other direction, if the personalized content is integrated within a content fragment on a shop page, the current commerce user is also transmitted as a parameter. Thus, the CoreMedia system can retrieve the connected customer segments from the commerce system in order to perform commerce segment personalization within the supplied content fragments.

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