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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.6 Advanced Asset Management

CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management consists of two parts:

  • An Asset management component with new content types where you can manage your digital assets and licenses.

  • An Asset management component which connects to a commerce system to manage assets for products and product variants of the commerce system.

CoreMedia Asset Management allows you to store and manage your digital assets (for example, high resolution pictures of products) and corresponding licenses in the CoreMedia system. You can customize the storage of assets and the set of available asset types and rendition formats.

A rendition is a derivative of the raw asset, suitable for use in output channels, possibly with some further automated processing. A rendition might be, for example, a cropped and contrast adjusted image in a standardized file format whereas the original file might be stored in the proprietary format of the image editing software in use.

From such assets, you can create common content items, such as Picture or Download which you can use to enrich products and product variants (products for short) in the commerce system.

  • CMS images and even individual image crops can be used as product images.

  • CMS videos can be used as product videos. They will be displayed together with the product images in a gallery.

  • CMS content of type Download can be offered as additional content that can be downloaded for a product. Any type of binaries are supported, like PDF documents, ZIP archives or office documents.

Such product assets can be edited with CoreMedia Studio and will then be delivered by the CMS to enrich, for example, a product detail page.

This section describes the necessary configuration steps for either configuring and deploying CoreMedia Asset Management or for removing the contributing modules from the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace.

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